Friday, June 20, 2008

Blast Off! (LSC173)

Today's Limited Supplies Challenge was called, "It's NOT Hip to Be Square." We were to make a card that was not a square, rectangle, or a circle. It had to be some other shape. I thought of doing the bikini top or bottom, but I figured I've already done that one. I could have done a purse, but I thought there might be several of those. Anyway, I finally decided to design my own card. I based my design on the rocket stamp in the "Pun Fun" stamp set. The photo at left shows my "artist's concept" drawing.

The first part of the card that I cut out was the "bullet" shape of the rocket. I used a 6" X 4-3/4" piece of Real Red. I folded it in half to make it 3" X 4-3/4". I used the largest oval in my Coluzzle Kit to make the arc at the bottom. I marked the center of the top and put another mark on each side about 2" down. I drew a curved line by hand from the center, down to the side marks to create the nose cone of the rocket. I cut along the hand drawn lines. I cut a circle out of Yoyo Yellow with the Coluzzle and punched another circle out of Tempting Turquoise. I found these to be to large later on.

I placed the cut out piece of Real Red on a piece of Brilliant Blue that had been cut to A2 card size. I traced around the red piece (main part of the card); then, I drew the fins and the rocket boosters (tail pipes?).

I cut around the blue, creating the full rocket shape which was to be the base card. (Sorry about all the red, but I have a red plastic table cloth on my work table, and that's where I took all the photos!)

I laid the red main card part on the blue base card to determine where the "band" around the rocket would go. I used a 3" X 3" piece of the blue card stock and cut the arcs at the top and bottom with the largest oval in the Coluzzle set (to match the bottom arc on the red piece). I also punched the yellow circle with the 1-3/8" Circle Punch and the turquoise circle with the 1" Circle punch. I traced the rocket boosters on Going Gray and cut those pieces out as well.

I laid out all the pieces on my Coluzzle cutting pad so you could see them before they were assembled. This was quite a project!
Once I had assembled the whole card, I punched Going Gray with a 1/4" Circle Punch. I also punched Yoyo Yellow with a 1/8" Circle punch. I laid them out to get the spacing right and adhered the gray dots with glue dots. Finally, I adhered the yellow dots to the gray dots with a 2-Way Glue Pen. Above, the front of the card is shown.

The photo on the right is the finished card when it's open. Phew!
  • Stamps: Pun Fun
  • Papers: Real Red, Brilliant Blue, Yoyo Yellow, Tempting Turquoise, Going Gray, GP White
  • Ink: Brilliant Blue
  • Accessories: Coluzzle Kit, Pencil, Snips, Adhesive, Glue Dots, 2-Way Glue Pen, 1-3/8" Circle Punch, 1" Circle Punch, 1/4" Circle Punch, 1/8" Circle Punch

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Dawn Mercedes said...

THAT is so much better than my "rocket" card...which I ended up telling DH that it was a satellite! haha