Monday, July 7, 2008

WES Goodies

I'm a member of a group called "CCRAK" which stands for Challenge Chasers Random Acts of Kindness. We chat, get to know one another, send cards to one another, and wait for those challenges to get posted! Several of us participated in an activity called White Elephant Stampede (WES). We were assigned "Baby Elephants" to send things to. We were supposed to find $15 to $20 worth of goodies that we don't use and send them to our Baby Ellie. My big ellie was Pinky. We had to make a White Elepahnt card out of scraps. The WES card I made for my baby ellie can be found here. The lovely card I got from Pinky is here. Here's all the stuff I got from Pinky for my White Ellie!!! There's more in that little lunch pail!! Here's the list:
  • Craft organizer box with embroidery thread spools
  • Glossy CS folded to fit the envies that came with it (about 10 each?)
  • Blue transparent envies (How Cool!!!)
  • Small organizer box with six spaces full of heart and flower brads
  • Chipboard letters (27)
  • Pocket Notebook
  • Color Box Fresh Green Pigment Ink Pad
  • 5 CD cases with stamps in each for mounting on acrylic blocks
  • 9 brightly colored spools of ribbon
  • Purple flowers
  • 2 silk bags, 4-1/2" X 7"
  • Bottle of Dew Drops (blue and green)
  • Package of adhesive printed tags
  • "Little Swivels" "Adventures" Pocket Album
  • Magnetic Note Pad
  • Copic Marker RV04
  • 5 packages metal tags
  • Package of Button Snaps
  • Small Binder Clips
  • Gift Tags
  • Small package of tags with fibers
  • Stamp - "With Deepest Sympathy" (I really needed this!)
  • Handmade Post-it Holder (Cute!)
  • Mini Lunch Pail

What a great bunch of White Elephant Stampede goodies!!! Thank You, Pinky!!!!

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Pinky Roth said...

CarollAnn, I am so glad you liked all your loot! I know you probably cannot use all of it, so you have my blessings to share some of it w/others, LOL! Enjoy...