Thursday, January 7, 2010

Simple Box Tutorial

I created this tutorial this morning for one of my Twisted Sisters because tomorrow's Twisted Sistahs Challenge is to make a box. Well, the file was too big to email, so I printed it, scanned it and attached it to a post on the TSC Thread at SCS. If you've never done that, you probably have no idea what I'm talking about! Anyway, I decided to post it here for all to see!

You will need:
Card Stock for the bottom of the box
Designer Paper OR Card Stock for the top of the box (I used DP here)
A Ruler (One Foot Long)
Bone Folder

Cut DP or Card Stock to 8-1/2" square for top.

Cut Card Stock to 8-1/4" square for bottom IF you are using DP for the top. Cut to 8-3/16" square if you are using Card Stock for the top. This allows for a good fit.

Using the ruler and pencil, draw a line diagonally from corner to corner and another line the same way to form an "X". See photo below.Fold one point to the center of the "X" as shown.
Fold again, aligning fold line against the pencil line as shown. Follow the last step with all four corners, folding and unfolding. Your paper or card stock should look like the photo below. Cut one end for the edge just to the corner of the center square. Do this on both sides of one end. Cut the other end the same way as shown.
Turn the paper so that the uncut end is facing you as shown. Apply adhesive to the inside of the triangle piece and fold twice, matching up the tip of the triangle with the center of the pencil lines. You are forming one side of the box (top). Fold the end pieces in to form half of another side. (See above) Do the same on the opposite side. Match centers and adhere as shown below. Apply adhesive to the remaining end triangles. Fold over and in, matching tips of triangles with center of box. Follow the previous step for the other side. The top of the box is finished!! The bottom of the box is cut 1/4" smaller than the top for better fit. If you make the top out of card stock (especially SU! card stock!), you must make the bottom 5/16" smaller. See the second step above for my measurements; however, you can make these boxes any size you want as long as the bottom is slightly smaller than the top. Once your box bottom and top are made, you can decorate your box as you like. I will decorate this one tonight for the challenge tomorrow. Then, I will post the final decorated box here. See you!!

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