Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New Floor Covering

Well, they are installing new floor covering in my craft room, kitchen and entry way today. I can't get to anything right now to make any cards. I will show pictures of the BEFORE and AFTER along with the mess in my room while they install the floor covering in my craft room. It will be wonderful when it's done, but it's sure a lot of work. Eddie and I worked until 9:30 last night moving everything out of the craft room except for the heavy cabinets, etc. We were both exhausted. When they finish the craft room, we have to put everything back! Yikes! Also, I will have to empty my china cabinets tomorrow because they are putting new carpet in my family room, great room and hallway. I will be very busy until Monday. Anyway, you won't see much in the way of cards posted here for a day or two, but I'll keep you updated on this situation! Thanks for stopping by!!

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Kathy Bradley said...

Oh my gosh - you are busy - but be careful moving furniture! How is Pipsqueak doing with all the activity - does he seem to mind? Give him a pat on his tush and a rub behind his ears for me!! Maybe a new picture of him soon on your blog??!! It sounds like it will all be wonderful when done - congrats!