Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Flower Instructions

Every week I get the Weekly Inkling, an online publication from, emailed to me. There's always some sort of tutorial along with other helpful hints. This week's tutorial is presented by Beate and includes a video tutorial as well. I have added that tutorial at the bottom of this page. I have had MANY requests for the instructions for making the paper roses. This tutorial is a little bit different, but it is along the same lines. It uses a six petal flower instead of a five petal flower and ends up looking like a flower other than a rose. It's nice to have more than one kind of flower available for your projects anyway. You could adapt the instructions to work with a five petal flower such as the Fancy Flower Punch; then, it would look more like a rose. I give full credit to Beate and to SCS for the U-Tube video presentation. Please go to the bottom of this page and check it out!

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