Monday, July 13, 2009

I'm Back!!!

We went camping over the weekend. We left Friday about 1:30 PM and went to a local reservoir which is only about 20 minutes away. We went swimming on Saturday and I got a sunburn on my face. I forgot to use the sun block! It's my own fault. On Saturday evening, it got very windy. I don't know the wind speed, but it almost blew our tent down! When it died down a bit, we started hauling things to the car and my friend's truck. We didn't care whose stuff was what at that point. We had a hard time folding the tent, so we just rolled it up and stuffed it into the car. The dark clouds were building up in the west, so we thought it might rain, too. We got home at around 8:30 PM Saturday night. Boy, were we tired!! Yesterday, we just laid around and watched TV all day! I found the Featured Stamper card I wanted to do but had no energy to make it. I made it this morning though. It will be in my next post. I'm glad to be home, but we did enjoy ourselves!!

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