Sunday, August 14, 2011

My little gardens

I have three 4' X 4' planter boxes now (square foot gardens). In one, there's cucumbers, peppers, a honeydew plant and flowers.
This is my cucumber plant. There's a couple of cucumbers that are over a foot long now. I need to pick them soon.
This is the square foot garden that I made a scrap book page out of. That was before this pumpkin plant took off cascading over the sides of the garden.
This is one of the pumpkins. There will be quite a few. This one is already about 4" in diameter. My grand daughter will have fun choosing one for Halloween.
This is one of my pepper plants. This is the yellow bell pepper. There's another darker green pepper near the top. There's lots of flowers too.
This is my basil plant next to the cherry tomato plant. The basil plant is over two feet tall. I expect the cherry tomato plant to be at least four feet high. I just thought I'd share. When I'm not involved with card making and not taking care of others, I love to work in my little gardens! Thanks for stopping by!!!

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