Monday, November 30, 2009

What DON'T you want? (MMTPT70)

This is the teapot for this week's Mothermark's Teapot Tuesday Challenge. I've had this teapot for several years but never used it for tea! At least it came in handy for this challenge! LOL! Notice that Santa is holding a Teddy Bear and a drum. That's what the challenge is all about!

Santa only has 23 days to get ready for the big ride! We don't want him to go through what he went through last year!!!

Here's his story:
  1. Last year, he headed out on his normal route covering most of Europe first and then heading west. He shouted, "Now, Dasher, now Dancer!" and thought he heard an echo, "Now, Dasher, now Dancer!" Then, he said, "Now, Prancer and Vixen!" and he heard, "Now, Prancer and Vixen!" Every word he spoke was echoed back at him! You can imagine how annoying that can be.
  2. After a while, he realized the echo was coming from his bag of toys! He pulled over somewhere in Ireland and checked his bag. The echo was coming from a Teddy Bear! He checked, and there was no switch to turn it off! One of the elves must have been responsible for this.
  3. Well, you can't drive a team of reindeer without shouting some commands, so you can imagine how annoying that bear was by the time he got to North America!! He decided that bear was going to be returned to the North Pole. He planned to give little Greta Gobstopper some Barbie dolls instead.
  4. One more little issue came up when he stopped at 10 year old Cornelius Doilyslobber's house. It was 3:00 A.M., and that boy was still up!! You see, Cornelius is kind of a hyperactive kid, and he had way too many sugar cookies before bedtime. He was running around all over that house!
  5. Santa had planned to leave him a drum, but he decided, "That boy's mother was such a good little girl. I just can't do that to her!" Santa thought the boy might be musically inclined and didn't want to inhibit that talent, so he left him a small keyboard instead, complete with earphones. He knew the boy's mother would appreciate those!
  6. Santa brought back the drums and that annoying Teddy Bear, and they are still on his shelf in his workshop at the North Pole. "It sure would be nice to know ahead of time what NOT to bring people for Christmas," he thought.

That's our mission. We are having our tea party at the Silver Legacy Hotel/Casino in Reno, Nevada (my neck of the woods). We have to get together and make a list of items NOT to bring!! (While you're here, you might want to take in a show like "Holiday on Ice" at the Eldorado Hotel/Casino, right next to the Silver Legacy!)

The challenge is to make a card showing the worst present you can imagine for you or anyone in your family, OR you can make a card showing the best present you ever received or what you or your family would like the most. You need to tell us in your description which it is and why. Please post to SCS using MMTPT70 as a keyword or post to your blog and link to it in the comments here. Most importantly, have fun!!

Here is my teapot card. I drew Santa. He's an actual card. I water colored him and spent a little time on that belt! LOL! The drum and the Teddy Bear are just clip art that I printed on card stock and then cut out. You might notice that the handle and spout are backward from the original teapot. I guess that's just how my brain works these days!!! Thanks for stopping by and for putting up with my long story!!


marilynprestonn said...

Oooh poor Santa, that echo thing would drive me nuts too. LOL Thanks so much for such a detailed and funny story Carrollann, my favourites. I'm a kind a girl, that needs alot of guidelines.LOL

Love your card, the belt IS beautiful. Will be off to play now.

Kindly, Peggy

Francie G. said...

Good morning, CarrollAnn! Thanks for hosting this wonderful challenge! Your Santa is amazing! Wow! You are one talented lady! I have just the image in mind! TFS!

Stamp Muse said...

Oh, what a fun challenge CarrollAnn! Thank you for hosting. What a busy week for you in addition to being the Featured Stamper on SCS!

I'll be late, but I'll be there!