Monday, November 9, 2009


Well, I got my computer back. I had to go online to download the drivers for my printer and install that. I also had to figure out why the icons on my desktop were so huge. I managed to change the settings and get those back to the right size. I couldn't figure out why there was no task bar at the bottom though. My son, 14, played around with it and figured out that the computer thought I had two monitors, so when I minimized anything, you could see it fly off to the right, never to be seen again. He got those settings fixed so I had a taskbar! Wow! We spent a lot of time on it, but I was able to post my Featured Stamper card yesterday evening. I got on it this morning and, while I was checking my email (after playing around for about an hour, it crashed again!! It will not get past the Windows XP logo before it freezes up again!! Back to the shop it goes. I did do the Clean & Simple Challenge this morning, but I can't upload until I find the little cable that goes between the camera and this laptop! Catch ya later, I hope!!!

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