Monday, August 31, 2009

New Craft Room Tool

My son recently got a kitten. It's my own fault. They had kittens out in front of WalMart, and I couldn't resist the little orange Tabby. Pooky is about 10 weeks old now. I think they took him away from his mother too early. He was probably only about 4 weeks old when we got him. He's doing well though. He's curious and gets into everything! He gets up on my craft table and makes it difficult to do my stamping. He plays, knocks things over, pushes things off the table, and wants to get on my lap to play! I had to find something to keep him busy. Here's what I did: I tied a big plastic bead to a piece of ribbon and used a safety pin to attach it to the back of a folding chair. It dangles below the chair back, and he really enjoys batting it around.His name is "Pooky". That's the name of Garfield's toy Teddy Bear. I found out that most orange Tabby Cats are male. He was the only orange kitten in his litter. The rest were white. In the photo above, you can he's got a hold of that bead.

I had to lie on the floor (not so easy for an old lady with R.A.!) and face up to get this photo, but I wanted you to see his cute little face with those yellow eyes. You can see the bead at the end of the ribbon. This "Tool" keeps him busy while I make my cards!!


mudmaven said...

Oh my he is just too cute! My female likes to sit on the arm of my chair - it's only about 3 inches wide and so she hangs over quite a bit and rubs my arm and grabs me to get my attention. Very distracting! I think I will try this trick and see if I can keep her occupied too! Love your blog and all your wonderful creations! ~chris

Cheryl said...

Oh CarrollAnn he is just way cute! Our Tom is old and settled in his ways. He spends a good part of his day sleeping in a corner of our bedroom. Love the way you have for keeping him occupied.

Brat Cards said...

Oh, he is so cute! Maybe you can use him for paper piercing and inspiration!

See ya in the gallery Sistah!