Sunday, January 2, 2011

Pipsqueak Update

Well, I tried to get a good photo, but that little doggie just moves constantly! He's 3 months old now and about 4 pounds. I wanted to get a photo showing his left ear up and his right ear still folded over. He looks so funny! You can't see it, but he has a bandaged left rear leg. I left him with a friend while I went to California to spend Christmas with my daughter, and my friend's dog stepped on him in such a way as to injure his lower leg. It's kind of like getting a sprained foot. The vet put a splint on it and bandaged it up pretty good. He has chewed most of it off though. Yep, he's a chewer! Anyway, we have to try to keep him in his crate as much as possible for another week. Then, we can take his bandages off.

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Kathy Bradley said...

He is so, so cute, CarrollAnn. I love cats, dogs, horses, etc., etc. I sure hope he heals well - I know it's hard to keep a puppy from doing too much and, especially, chewing. He is so darn sweet looking - give him a rub behind his ears for me!