Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Trick or Treat!

Would you like to know what I did today? Well, besides getting my nails done, as well as my mother's, and stopping at the store to get salad and making a spaghetti dinner, I made about 125 of these treat bags! Some have pumpkins from "Got Treats?" and some have the sentiment from "Grateful Greetings" (with the punched bats). All the toppers are made from Stampin' Up DSP. I used a 1-3/8" square punch to punch out the pumpkins and sentiments and a bat punch I already had for the bats (Stampin' Up!'s Punch makes a bigger bat). The candies came from CostCo and are in Stampin' Up!'s 3 X 5 cello bags.
On the backs of all the toppers are my labels with the Stampin' Up! logo, my name, address, and my phone numbers. There's several reasons for the stickers. First, I wanted to hide the staple I used to attach the toppers so that no little ones could get poked. Secondly, I want the parents to know where the candy came from so that they would not worry if it was tampered with. Finally, it's advertising! I want people to know that I'm a Stampin' Up! Demo and we should talk about workshops, classes and clubs! Anyway, I think I'm ready for Halloween now. I also have my stickers on about 25 bottles of bubbles for preschoolers. They really don't need all that candy!! Thanks for stopping by!! Oh, all products used to make these treats are from Stampin' Up! except for the candy and the bat punch.

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