Friday, September 17, 2010

Recycling (TSC0917)

The Twisted Sistahs Challenge for this week was presented by PatSmethers. Wow! This one was a tough one for me! We had to use some kind of label or clothing tag on our cards. First, I pulled the label off of a can of spaghetti sauce. I thought I might punch a couple of flowers out of the picture of the red sauce and use the parley in the photo for leaves. Nope. Next, I pulled the label off of a bottle of water. It said, "Pure Life", so I thought I might use that for a sentiment. Nope. Next, I pulled the label off of a can of tuna. The letters T-U-N-A were big on this brand, so I thought I'd cut them apart, switch them around (backwards) and spell "A NUT", and I was going to put "U R" above that with Pat Smethers above THAT!! LOL! Nope. I just didn't know what to do. I took my mom to the Senior Center for lunch. After we parked, I opened the truck to get her walker out. There, in the trunk, was an insulated bag I had purchased at Trader Joe's so that I could keep cold foods cold during the 40 mile trip from Reno. The bag had this tag on it still. My daughter in California shops there a lot because she's always looking for gluten free stuff for my grand daughter. Yep, I used that tag, most of it at least. I cut it down to size, matted it on Basic Black and added the sentiment from "Teeny Tiny Wishes" over the store sign. I also stamped palm trees from "Plant Hope" for a background at the bottom. I think I'll send this to my daughter! LOL! Everything except the tag is from Stampin' Up! Thanks for stopping by!!

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Kathy Bradley said...

This is just too cute and the colors are gorgeous.