Sunday, May 29, 2011

Grass Valley Trip

I'm in Grass Valley. We drove up here yesterday and spent the day with patsmethers, irishgreensue, Jenny (I don't remember her screen name), Natalie (Pat's stampin' mom), Judy Kell stopped by, and the big surprise was that our lovely driver, wannabcre8ive was here too! It's so wonderful to get together with online friends, and my mom enjoyed the ride! My daughter is coming up from Durham, California, to join us for breakfast, hang out, and then have lunch before we leave.
We met in front of Ben Franklin's in Nevada City (before going in to shop). I took this photo of Pat, Eddie (my son) and Greenie right in front of the store. Of course, this was after lots of hugs all around! Pat has some great photos of Greenie and me when we first met. We only knew each other from online and telephone calls. It's even better now!
The big surprise came inside the store when I found out that our lovely driver was here, too. This photo Greenie took of the driver and assistant driver (me). This was in Jenny's home which is a whole other story!
This is Jenny. She used to own a craft store in Nevada City. Now, it's all in her home. We got to shop there, too. She's at her computer having just entered in our purchases. It sure was nice of her to have us all as her guests.
Here's Pat holding up an easel card with "da man" from the "Wild Wild West" set. She's in Jenny's Craft Room. Wow! You should see all the stamps, supplies, accessories, etc. and how organized everything is! Awesome.
Here I am! I'm in Jenny's Craft Room. What a place! The whole house is just gorgeous. How would you like to have a whole craft store in your house?!! What fun we all had. The next get-together is planned for next May. We're all supposed to meet in Illinois at Shirley's (wannabcre8ive). I'm so looking forward to THAT! Even more of the Twisted Sistahs will be there.


Kathy Bradley said...

What awesome pics, CarrollAnn, it was nice to see faces to the names. It sounds like you all had so much fun. Maybe next year, if everyone wouldn't mind, I could just drive down from Mt. Pulaski, IL and just meet,greet and head back out - just to spend a bit of time. I don't want to intrude, but would love to meet all of you.

Vicki Dutcher said...

Well this looks too fun! i wish I had more stampers by me!

Found your blog and thought I would become a follower -- you are always so good at commenting on VSN cards!

Marilyn (mlj-mlj) said...

What a fun time you had! So nice for all of you!