Saturday, May 14, 2011

Find the circles (TSC0513)

The Twisted Sistahs Challenge for this week was presented by patsmethers. Pat challenged us to make a card for a ten year old boy who is fighting cancer. She mentioned some things that boys that age like such as video games, sports, Swiss army knives, etc. I remember when my son was ten. He was a Boy Scout and he did like to go camping. Actually, he still does, and so do I. The other part of the challenge was to have three circles on the card that are different sizes. Well, aside from the obvious one, can you find all the circles on this card? Let me know what you've found by making a comment. I think I'll send something to the first one to get them all. Thanks for stopping by!!


Kathy Bradley said...

First of all, I received my package yesterday - woo hoo - and as soon as I can I will take a picture and e-mail it to you! Secondly, the circles are on the end of the sleeping bag, on the can of beans, the moon and the compass. Awesome card, Colton will love it - I loved it. I especially love the raccoon cooking his beans (they are pretty smart critters)!!

irishgreensue said...

Great card, CA, and perfect for a 10 yr old boys' humor - they love what happens when they eat BEANS!!

OK, I found circles - the moon, the compass, the sleeping bag, the circle label on the can of beans, and the raccoon's EYES!! WOO HOO!