Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Good-bye Minnie

I took my dog, Minnie Mutt, to the vet today. She was over 16 years old. The vet said that she was almost totally blind, partially deaf, suffered from arthritis in the spine, both of her knee caps on her hind legs were dislocated, she probably had kidney problems and possibly diabetes. Giving her medicines for all her conditions would not give her quality of life, and she might not last even a month or so. She lost weight recently, couldn't eat much, vomited often, and was incontinent. She could no longer get up on my bed or even the couch. She went into my closet if I wasn't in my Craft Room and slept most of the day. She slept with me last night because I put her on my bed. Minnie had to be put to sleep at about 4:30 p.m. this afternoon. She was a faithful friend, and I already miss her terribly. She was a member of our family. I'm so sad. If I don't have the desire to get creative for a couple of days, I know you all will understand.


Kim Score said...

what a shame, so sorry to read that you lost your furry friend.

Debra said...

So sorry to hear about Minnie. I know you'll miss her lots!