Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bus #42000 (MMTPT98)

Mothermark's Teapot Tuesday Challenge was all about a bus in New York City. One of the tea partiers went to New York and rode on bus #42000. This is meaningful to the tea partiers because Mothermark always uses the number "42000" when talking about a big number. Well, we were to go to the tea party in a bus and break all the rules (except the No Smoking rule because we'd probably die from all the smoke from all the partiers inside of a bus). We were to bring pencils to pretend to smoke like Corella DeVil. Well, I had to get to the party somehow, and guess what, I found a school bus with the number 42000, too!! LOL! There's no stamping here; just a Cricut bus. The photography isn't that good because the blue base card is royal blue; sort of like Pacific Point. I left off the sentiment until I decide what it should be. I might give this to my grand daughter who starts Kindergarten in the fall. Thanks for stopping by!!!

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