Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Ten for Ten Night

A friend of mine and I worked together to have three 10 for $10 nights where we offered ten cards for $10, using five different designs, all Christmas cards. One of the ladies had a hard time with some glue. She didn't realize that the ladies at the other end of the table had left the lid off the "Quick Drying Adhesive". When she got it, she squeezed and squeezed until the nozzle blew completely out! Well, glue went everywhere! It got on her, on me, on some of the cards...what a mess! She was such a good sport about it that I just had to take a couple of photos. Here she is with glue all over the front of her sweatshirt!!!

Here's the nozzle and the glue all over the card she was working on! We cleaned up the mess, and she started those two cards over. It took her a bit longer and she was late getting home that night. I hope she comes back to the next 10 for $10 in January!! Hey, Mindy, we won't use that kind of glue next time, OK? LOL! What a great sport!!! Letting me take these photos and allowing me to put them online is proof of that!!

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