Thursday, July 8, 2010

Vacation Update

We got to Orlando Tuesday night and met my daughter at the hotel. She made reservations for dinner at a restaurant at the hotel. We had time to chat and catch up on things. We had a wonderful meal and could see the fireworks at the Magic Kingdom right there from our table while we were eating!

Yesterday, we went to Disney's Hollywood Studios Park. We spent the whole day there. One of the attractions we saw there was a live presentation of "Beauty and the Beast." We got to sit in the first row, and it was a fabulous show.

The photo above shows the beast with the clock, candlestick, teapot and tea cup characters. It was taken right from my seat without any telephoto enhancement. We really enjoyed the show.

We had made reservations for dinner right there in the park. We had no idea what the restaurant would be like. It was the most unique restaurant I've ever seen. It was made to look like a drive-in theater. All the tables were in old cars that were all facing a big screen. The photo above was taken by our waitress who was absolutely awesome. She even got several people to sign a birthday card for my mom to celebrate her 95 years! My daughter and mom are in the "front seat" and I'm in the "backseat" with my son. While we ate, old movie trailers and snack bar ads were shown on the big screen. The food was really good, too. Our waitress packed up our desserts so we could bring them to our room. By the way, I had forgotten what a REAL cherry coke tastes like. It was yummy!!!


Shirley Quarry-wannabcre8tive said...

Carroll Anne, so glad you are having fun and that restaurant sounds like so much fun. Thanks for posting the picture.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah! Look at those happy faces! So glad to see you all! Have a blast! Miss you so much! LYMI Pat

Charlene Merrick (LilLuvsStampin) said...

I'm glad you are having so much fun on your vacation, CarrollAnn! I know EXACTLY where you dined (the SciFi Dine-in Theatre) as my hubby and stepson love to dine there when we go to Disney World, too.