Saturday, July 10, 2010

Another Vacation Update

Well, we got Internet again tonight. My daughter and son went to Downtown Disney, but I brought my mom to our room so she could rest and so could I. We went to the zoo today, and I'm so tired, I just wanted to be in our air conditioned room!
The photo above shows my daughter on son on a ride at Epcot Thursday. Our stay there ended with my son and I going on the "Soarin'" ride. It's just like riding on a hang glider. You get to see a lot of California from the air. It felt so real that I held on to the handles very tightly!
This next photo (above) shows hula dancers at the Polynesian Dinner Show that we went to last night. The food was great and the entertainment was fantastic!!

Today, we went to Disney's Animal Kingdom. It's a zoo, but they have shows there, too. We saw the Lion King Show today. Timone was the M.C. The costumes were colorful, and the singing and dancing was great. We had a great time. I will be back home on Monday night and back online on Tuesday.

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