Friday, March 26, 2010

Flowers from a friend...

One of my friends from church called me the other day to see how I was after my illness. She said she was out shopping and asked if there was anything I needed. I told her that I would like some chicken and pork from CostCo if she was going there. She called me from CostCo because she couldn't find the seasoned chicken that I wanted, but she said she'd just get me the regular kind with two boneless breasts in each of six packages. Well, she showed up with the meat from CostCo AND these beautiful tulips!!!

I said, "What is this???" She told me the flowers were for me because I've been sick! She even had my son get a vase down from the top of my cabinets, washed it, filled it with water and arranged the tulips. Aren't they beautiful?!!! Not only that, but she wouldn't accept my money to pay for the meat!!! She said that it was a gift. I'm just so blessed! I have some wonderful friends, especially those in my church family! I just had to share this!!!

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Flowers said...

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